Award-Winning Route Management Software

How To Improve Delivery Service?

Delivery is a big part of every business. Delivery is a service that allows us to have better communication with the client, which means that we will expand the areas where we operate. However, for this delivery service to be working flawlessly, we need several things. We need responsible and good drivers. We need special vehicles that we will later decorate with our logos. And also, we need dispatchers that will guide our trustworthy drivers and give them the best routes.

If you want to improve your delivery service, then you should here
more facts about the Award-Winning route management software. This route management software is exactly what you think it is, but in order to fully understand, we are going to share some details with you about the product. When you decide that you want to buy the route management system, you will receive an activation key, or someone from our establishment can come to your office and install the program if you live close by. However, the software itself is not really complicated to install and we believe that your IT technician will be able to install it without any problems.

Award-Winning Route Management Software

Once you run the program, you will be presented with several sections, where one is for managing the routes in real-time, and other sections serve as data management sections and some other things that we are going to discuss next. The best thing about this program is that it saves your vehicles and after each month creates lists where you can track your activity, and then use that data to do some minor adjustments to your business. But first of all, you need to input the number of vehicles, and you need to give that vehicle a unique ID. In the meantime the drivers swap their shifts, at the beginning of each shift, you will have to select the ID of vehicle and input driver’s number.

Award-Winning route management software has a compact view, it is easy to use and most importantly it gives you feedback, which you can use to improve your business logic. For instance, gray areas are the ones where your business does not reach out, so you can improve your marketing and reach that area as well.