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Health Promotion at the Worksite Toolbox for employers

Worksite Wellness ToolboxTable of Contents

How much is unhealthful behavior costing your company?

Cost of inactivity for the employer

This link is a tool that can provide you with the financial cost of physical inactivity in your workplace. For example, medical care costs, loss of productivity costs, and workers compensation costs can cost an employer $100,000 per year at a business with 50 employees with the average salary of $30,000. But, you have the ability to decrease that number by promoting health at your worksite. You can decrease the cost of physical inactivity by using the resources in the toolbox. First, check out the Physical Inactivity Calculator.

The Economic Cost of Unhealthy Lifestyles in North Carolina

Click here to see the new study unveiled about economic cost of unhealthiness and how the “…cost falls largely to employers in the form of health insurance and lost productivity”

How To...

Assess the Wellness of Your Employees & Create a Health Action Plan

Take the Great American Health Check.  In just 5 minutes, you will receive a personalized Health Action Plan to share with your health coordinator and doctor.   The Great American Health Check is a reliable resource maintained by the American Cancer Society.

Practice Proper Ergonomics

  • This healthy computing diagram will give you tips about how to properly sit at your workstation in order to prevent conditions such as back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • More ergonomic resources and tools for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration can be found here.
  • Click here for proper lifting procedures in order to prevent injury.

Use Health Calculators

Use Health Calculators to calculate how many calories you burn doing your favorite activities or to determine your healthiest weight.

Calculate your BMI

Calculate you body mass index (BMI).

Participate in Community Sponsored Physical Activity Events for Charity

Many communities sponsor walks, runs, dance marathons, etc. to raise money and awareness for charitable causes. You can learn more about the events below by clicking on the links, or choose your favorite cause and learn more about ways you and your worksite can help the organization by participating in physical activity.

Support Physical Activity Opportunities in the Community

  • Support recreation leagues, community and state park programs with employees.
  • Explore discounted memberships at local health clubs, recreation centers, or YMCA's.
  • Provide articles in employee newsletters promoting physical activity and current opportunities to participate. Post notices to upcoming events in the community, school or faith-based organizations on bulletin boards or email lists.
  • Use multiple channels for interventions, such as community recreation/leisure facilities, on site worksite opportunities, private wellness facilities and state and local parks.
  • Conduct healthy eating and physical activity special events such as a company walk and invite the community to join.

Promote Safe Walking

Create a safe walking map to promote physical activity.

Find Walkability tools

Print your own Wellness Posters and Signs

Form a Worksite Wellness Committee

Worksite Wellness Committees: A worksite wellness committee establishes continuity, motivation, and broad ownership of employee wellness initiatives. The following guides provide sections that address worksite wellness committees.

Find Sample Health Promotion Policies

Healthy Eating in and Out of the Worksite

Guidelines for Healthy Foods and Beverages at Meetings, Gatherings and Events

  • Guideline 1: Offer healthy food choices at breakfasts, lunches, dinners, potlucks, and receptions
  • Guideline 2: Offer alternatives to food at mid-morning or mid-afternoon meeting breaks.
  • Guideline 3:Identify the healthy foods and beverage choices.
  • Guideline 4: Keep food safe to eat.
  • Guideline 5:Lead by example.

Healthy Eating / Recipes:

Local Food Guide

In the Appalachian’s Sustainable Agricultural Projects Local Food Guide you will find a directory of Western North Carolina and southern Appalachian family farms, Community Supported Agriculture farms (CSA’s), farmers' tailgate markets, grocers, restaurants, caterers and bakers, u-pick farms, apple orchards, and bed & breakfasts that sell locally grown farm products.

Fast Food or Fat Food - Eat Smart

Employees who choose to eat out while at work can still do so in a healthy way. In a group employees can encourage and praise each other for choosing healthy menu options or can share meals to right-size their portions. Organize an out-to-lunch event where employees go out and order healthy lunches together.  Many fast food places and other restaurants provide nutritional information for their menu on their websites. Such information can also be found at or  By providing employees with this information and organizing healthy eating-out events, you can help employees at your worksite to make smart choices while eating in restaurants and fast food establishments.  The Fast Food and Families page can also help employees to make every restaurant they eat in their own “Eat Smart Café!”

5 a day in the worksite

This link will take you to a comprehensive Guide for implementing 5-a-day in the worksite.   Workers spend about half of their waking hours in the worksite; therefore it is important to promote 5 a day in the worksite.

Smoking Cessation Resources

Use this Quit now NC

tools to promote tobacco cessation in your workplace and help those who want to quit smoking.

  • Online guide to quitting with tools to help you quit smoking.

Monthly Health Observances

Use this monthly health observances link to become aware of the current health observance for the month, gather information about the topic, and then locate the resources needed to address the issue.

WELCOA 101 Ways to Wellness.

Wellness Council’s 101 Ways to Wellness.  These tips and strategies are designed to initiate actions and ideas to help you promote health at the worksite.